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With the ready availability and features of today's electronic devices, it is important for teenagers to understand their responsibility to not drive distracted. Cell phones can easily become a distraction that results in tragic consequences for drivers and others on the road.

Estimated U.S. Teen Crash Deaths in 2014
There is approximately one teen car crash death every 2.5 hours.
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Recent News

  • 3Nov.

    NY Gets Tough on Distracted Driving

    A new law could leave a lot of teens without a license for a while. New York is getting tough on distracted driving, targeting young drivers with harsh penalties.
  • 18Oct.

    Tips for National Teen Driver Safety Week

    This year the week is being observed beginning Sunday, and the Athens Banner-Herald compiled from various sources some tips to keep young drivers safe.
  • 14Oct.

    New App Does the Math on Risk for Teen Drivers

    ADEPT Driver, the maker of teenSMART, released a new risk calculator app called the Risk-O-latorâ„¢ that teen drivers and parents can use to measure the increased risk of being involved in a collision based on choices made by teen drivers.