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With the ready availability and features of today's electronic devices, it is important for teenagers to understand their responsibility to not drive distracted. Cell phones can easily become a distraction that results in tragic consequences for drivers and others on the road.

Estimated U.S. Teen Crash Deaths in 2015
There is approximately one teen car crash death every 2.5 hours.
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Recent News

  • 31May

    Dangerous Days for Teen Drivers

    Mock crashes in Canandaigua and Victor were held Thursday to encourage students to focus on road safety as they wind down their high school days, ramp up for graduation parties, and head off to Senior Ball and Prom.
  • 21May

    Smartphone Use While Driving Goes Beyond Texting

    When you see the driver in the lane next to you gazing at their smartphone, he or she may be doing more than texting.
  • 16May

    Deadly Season for Teen Drivers Ahead

    Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summr...and the start of the deadliest season for teen drivers.