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With the ready availability and features of today's electronic devices, it is important for teenagers to understand their responsibility to not drive distracted. Cell phones can easily become a distraction that results in tragic consequences for drivers and others on the road.

Estimated U.S. Teen Crash Deaths in 2016
There is approximately one teen car crash death every 2.5 hours.
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Recent News

  • 1Jun.

    AAA Reveals Top Driving Distractions

    As the summer driving season begins, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is releasing a follow-up study confirming that nearly 60 percent of teen crashes involve distractions behind the wheel.
  • 31May

    For Teen Drivers, Memorial Day Started the "100 Deadliest Days"

    Starting with Memorial Day, the number of teenage crash fatalities historically climb through the summer months.
  • 19Mar.

    Teenage Drivers? Be Very Afraid

    Among the people who know what they are talking about, the unanimous message to parents is: You're not worried nearly enough. Get much more involved. Your child's life may be in danger.